After listening to our aspirations, Philippe presented us with 3 projects, one of which immediately seduced us. He knew how to meet our expectations but also advise us and guide us in the choice of materials, plants and amenities.
In a modest area, he managed to create rest areas (terrace with benches) and conviviality (terrace for the dining area), create hidden paths and a fluid circulation punctuated by the games of color and height of plants. The laying of paving stones and teak, the automatic watering, the integrated lights, the choice of the plants were entirely managed by Philippe Bouncer’s team, guarantee of reliability and quality of execution.
For more than 6 years, our garden has flourished at the same time as our happiness to contemplate all seasons. Philippe Bouncer, in addition to being a very beautiful person, is a sensitive goldsmith in his field …

Marie-Pierre and Romain