I met Philippe Bouncer in 2005 for the landscaping and vegetal composition of two terraces, located in the heart of the Marais, in Paris, one adjoining the living room, one floor, the other in the bedroom. The challenge was big. It was a question of transforming the first (of 45 m2) into real living room, summer as well as winter, and to make of the second the pictorial continuity of the sleeping corner, conferring on it peace and comfort.

Philippe Bouncer was able not only to bring to this specifications his immense technical skills and scientific knowledge, but also to sublimate the initial idea. With great listening, sketching and advice, he was able to stage and fulfill my desires, bringing much more. Philippe knows how to meet his most demanding clients to get to know them before perfectly translating their personality with his creations. Perfectionist at wish, he is also realistic and never fails to respect a budget.