PERMACULTURE: permanent agriculture – permanent culture

Create your nourishing garden:

Vegetable garden – Orchard – Medicinal plants 100% Bio-organic

True taste and abundance: simply. Minimum tillage.

Respect of soil bio-diversity – Micro-organisms – Flora.

Taking example of our forests, 100% natural crops.

How and why permaculture:

Living on Earth, I have always felt since as far as I can remember, a connection, a connection between the elements of nature. It is interesting to note that nowadays quantum physics demonstrates these sharing of information between all living organisms without exception.

V.O.C, volatile organic compounds, reveal how the forests manage to create their own rains. We live in a generous and mysterious world, leading us to wonder.

There is a growing evidence about the interdependence of life on the planet.


The elements that surround us are in permanent exchanges with each other. As a human being we are part of this immense global brewing.

Permaculture is since the 1970s, is one of the pioneering approaches in the relationship between man and nature. Yet many people have long found this balance, this sharing in their way of living on and with their land.

Permaculture is therefore ancestral, traditional and at the same time contemporary. It is not fixed but rather a mode of action that adapts to the environment by inventing a little more each day. It is inspired by bio mimicry and agroecology, considering the biodiversity of each ecosystem depending on where the man and the gardener are located.

As a landscape gardener, it is a question of trying to conscientiously design the management of systems that can produce fruits and vegetables, raise a few animals, some bees. Take care of the fauna and flora.
All possess the characteristics of the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems.

Permaculture is a listening and a harmonious practice of the man in his environment so that he can co-create food, energy, housing or more generally all that he needs equipment or not to live in an adjusted way.


In simple words, permaculture is what we could all achieve together.

A contribution to life, a simple sharing, to take care of and offer life in all its forms.

Permaculture is above all:

Take care of Nature and all that it contains.

It is taking care of the soil, the forests, the water and the air. Of the fauna of the Flora.

Take care of the human and of oneself, the community and future generations
Create abundance and redistribute surpluses.

Put into practice in oneself and around oneself:

To consider oneself as being, to recognize that we are a link between earth and heaven.
To make his scale of things.


Start by creating a vegetable garden – an orchard, to take pleasure in producing some fruits and vegetables. For you and your family, contributing to the improvement of your Earth.
See things simply. Do simple actions.
Realize that it grows by itself.
Philippe Bouncer will lead you step by step through this project to easily harvest fruits and vegetables with remarkable tastes.
Create abundance by setting up a cropping system without tillage.
Let’s sow some seeds together and suddenly life comes alive before your eyes.
Contact us and together we will realize a ‘garden space’