Philipe Bouncer, landscape gardeners since 1992. 

Welcome to our website.

Gardener since 1992, I have created some gardens and terraces which, perhaps, could invite you to dream. I invite you to a “gardenesuqe” walk. Good discovery…

It was at the home of a kind friend a long time ago. Taking care of his plants for a few days, Philippe Bouncer knew for sure that a new family was open to him and welcomed him with open leaves. The garden just had to germinate.

Living with plants is, according to Philippe Bouncer, “the possibility of taking care of our earth, of transmitting a look, a life in harmony with the world, and of becoming aware of our environments”.

To achieve such a dialogue with your clients and a joint creation between an owner of a small or large space and a landscape gardener, you must master a whole range of knowledge, techniques and also want to be part of a long history, that of gardens.

Philippe will therefore have learned a lot.